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Buttsex adventures

2012-05-18 18:47:41 by doopliss96

New comic idea, thanks to Rock-Candy for giving me the idea, a combination of his work and my own, I'm calling it, Kuma and Zu: Buttsex Adventures! It's about my character named Kuma Pan, a punk gothic girl who has DD breasts, and a round large butt, and Zu (Rock-candy's character) a cute lil Catgirl who (in the story) is one of Kuma's closest friends! In the first chapter they decide to go to the mushroom kingdom to visit princess peach, but when they enter they get raped and molested by all the koopas and goombas of the mushroom kingdom!

Making pictures

2011-06-01 18:19:52 by doopliss96

I'm gonna be uploading a bunch of drawings for anyone who has any erotic picture ideas, got any? then just comment on them, just I have 2 conditions, no yaoi, and no children